Russians Found New Life Under Antarctic Ice.

Russians Found New Life Under Antarctic Ice.


After continuous drilling, Russia penetrated the frozen crust of Lake Vostok that has been untouched for at least 14 million years, and found new bacteria under 12,139 feet of ice. "After excluding all known contaminants, bacterial DNA was found that does not match any known species in world databases," Sergei Bulat of the St Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute told RIA. Scientists are excited and believe that this discovery may provide a glimpse of the planet before the Ice Age and clues to life on other planets. "If it (the bacteria) had been found on Mars, then without a doubt we would have said there is life on Mars - but this is DNA from Earth," he said. "We are calling this life form unidentified or unclassified". Further studies are being conducted to determine all the details of the newly found speciment.


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