Twitter Music App in the Works?

Twitter Music App in the Works?

According to reports, Twitter is readying it’s very own music streaming application—one that may launch as early as this month. Twitter acquired We Are Hunted back in 2012 and is apparently using that software to create it’s own music app. The name? “Twitter Music” of course. CNET’s source suggests that the application would be released by iOS as early as the end of March and would personalize song suggestions based on the accounts that the user follows.
This is just another step toward a media empire for Twitter, who launched the highly successful video application Vine, earlier in 2013. The app allows users to shoot short video clips and post them to social media networks. The Twitter Music app would carry full Twitter branding, and allow the user to stream songs via Soundcloud.
With four main tabs—Popular, #NowPlaying, Suggest and Emerging—the application gives music discovery sites like Spotify and Pandora a run for their money while simultaneously streaming. Neither Twitter nor We Are Hunted representatives would respond to requests for comment, but this screenshot of a WAH founder testing out the #NowPlaying feature seems like pretty clear confirmation that this technology is definitely in the works.
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