World Record - 343 Hot Air Balloons Launched At Once, Photos By Gaston Batistini

World Record - 343 Hot Air Balloons Launched At Once, Photos By Gaston Batistini


Admit it, you would have LOVED to have been there! On July 31st, 2011 a world record was attempted for the most hot air balloons taking off at once. The location? France’s Chambley-Bussieres Aerodrome and although the world record was not confirmed, the Lorraine Mondail Air Balloons international festival did smash it’s own record of 393 balloons taking off simultaneously back in 2009, with 343 balloons lifting off into the clouds this year!. According to the festival, “1032 drivers from forty-eight nations, 2672 crew members, 174 businesses and communities, 195 volunteers and nearly 400 journalists” were all involved in the event – that’s some serious numbers, but what a spectacle they’ve created. The wonderfully talented Gaston Batistini was there in the thick!25?id=2243820of it all capturing every breathtaking moment.


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