Being A Stripper Is Harder Job Then You Might Think.

Being A Stripper Is Harder Job Then You Might Think.


Being a stripper might seem like a profitable job, however it's very tough. Strippers are considered independent contractors, therefore letting their bosses avoid employment taxes, not complying with discrimination laws and not offering any benefits. Hima B., a former stripper in San Francisco paid $5 "stage fee" when she started working in 1992, by 1999, the fees have grown to $200 per shift. Strippers also have to pay the boss for every private dance, for showing up late, missing a shift, and other rent. It's very common for club owners to hang a bunch of fees on strippers, basically depriving them of a decent salary. They rely only on tips. There are currently many girls fighting for labor rights in courts and quite a few have succeeded.

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