Bartenders Probably Won't Exist In The Future & Here's Why

Bartenders Probably Won't Exist In The Future & Here's Why

Here’s some chilling news to make the blood of bartenders around the world run cold. With our greatest emphasis on faster and faster service and a burning desire from business to keep up with supply and demand, many of the items we consume are processed without human intervention.
Despite their ads of chefs fluttering around a kitchen using gourmet ingredients, fast food chains use “mechanically separated” meat in their meals – robots, not humans doing the slicing.
So there’s a sense of inevitability that over time, robots will replace some of the more menial tasks of every day life. And that’s where Makr Shakr comes in, it’s a robotic bartending group, composed of 3 robots that work in unison to pour, blend and then serve your perfect beverage. I
First you select the drink you’d like, there’s over 100 to choose from cocktails and liquors to beers and champagne and then Makr Shakr instantly gets to work creating it. It’s the result of a partnership between Italian architecture studio Carlo Ratti Associati and MIT SENSEable City Laboratory, it made its big premiere in May at the Google I/O 2013 showcase in San Francisco.
Fast forward 10 years and new versions of these robots will be smaller, faster and cheaper. Is it that unrealistic to imagine that they could they become common place in bars around the world? Could they sit comfortable alongside the espresso machine eagerly awaiting your order and thus spelling the end of an era for your local bartender?
Just maybe.


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