Controversial And Confusing Anti-Smoking Advertisements

Controversial And Confusing Anti-Smoking Advertisements


Advertising campaigns have the ability to shape our perception, dictate our mood, awake the senses and increasingly alter our habits. As society’s values have changed, so too has the types of adverts which are deemed acceptable or unacceptable. With years of research behind them, advertising agencies have found new and creative ways of getting our attention. The trouble is, there’s still a certain amount of guess-work with any type of creative campaign. Even with big budgets sometimes the ads themselves are too vague, confronting or irrelevant to have any real impact. Sometimes they even exceed expectations. With that in mind we’ve pull together 14 confronting often highly confusing anti-smoking adverts from around the world. Do let us know what you think in the comments at the bottom of this post, there are some truly head-scratching moments to be had.

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