5 Singers Who Should Make an EDM Album

5 Singers Who Should Make an EDM Album


Vocals on EDM can be tricky; when they're done well ("Clarity," "Sweet Nothing"), you've got an entirely new dynamic added to a dance track. When done not so well... you kind of wish the producer and the singer would just die in a fire. One thing that'll be inevitable once more major labels start digging their heels into EDM is the dreaded collaboration, where an established singer will try to get some appeal by using EDM artists to spice them up. A lot of them just don't sound right... There are some singers who could make the grade; singers who, if dedicated to an entire EDM project, could really turn these tracks into something special. A number of these artists have already dealt with EDM producers before, or have voices/styles that fit well within the vast dance music scene. Some might be obvious choices, others might be more left field, but we feel that this batch of singers could (and should) make some beautiful electronic dance music, if paired with the right producers.

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