Hugh Hefner Talks About The Insane Number Of Women He's Slept With

Hugh Hefner Talks About The Insane Number Of Women He's Slept With


At 86 years old Hugh Hefner is still going strong. He is currently on his third wife Crystal Harris who is 26 years old. His number of wives doesn't come close to the number of women he has slept with over the years. When asked just how many women Hefner replied "Over a thousand, I'm sure" and when asked for a specific number he replied " How could I possibly know?" Hefner probably lost count a long time ago. Just because his numbers were high doesn't mean Hefner wasn't faithful. Hugh said that he has always been faithful in each of his marriages. He explained that he made up for the time lost when he wasn't married. At one point he was dating up to 7 girls at once and even had a TV show on E! called "The Girls Next Door" which featured Hugh dating 3 of his playboy playmates at the same time. Hugh married Crystal Harris last new years eve and they both explained how in love they are regardless of the age difference. Crystal said “Hef loves me more than anybody else in a relationship ever has. It took me time away to realize that. I think I realized that here is where I’m meant to be.” Happily married Hugh is back to staying faithful for now. Lets see how long this marriage will last.


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