This is a $6.5 million Apartment One Mom From China Bought For Her 2-Year old daughter

This is a $6.5 million Apartment One Mom From China Bought For Her 2-Year old daughter


Pre paying tuition is a smart idea for parents who can afford it and want to avoid runaway education inflation. One well off mom from China took the idea to a whole other level. She doesn't want her daughter in an over crowded dorm room so she recently purchased a $6.5 million apartment in New York's new One57 tower building. Below are the artists renderings. The 90 story building isn't open yet but builders can take their time on this room as the daughter of the woman from china is only 2 years old. The mom stated that her 2 year old will one day be going to Colombia, NYU or Harvard meaning there is a two out of three chance this condo will be located in the right state. We can only imagine the pressure on this little girl. At least she has an amazing apartment to look forward to. Look at the artists renderings of the apartment below


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