Ke$ha Confesses She Drinks Her Own Pee & Are You REALLY Surprised?

Ke$ha Confesses She Drinks Her Own Pee & Are You REALLY Surprised?


As if the fact that her songs are all about going out and partying and getting drunk of her bootay and dying young isn't weird enough (although they are ridiculously catchy), the chick is legitimately off her rocker. Her latest confession? That she's drank her own pee. DRANK. HER. OWN. URINE. The twisted popstar told BBC 1 radio that sipped on the smelly stuff on film for her MTV documentaryKe$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life. "I was told drinking my own pee was good," Ke$ha said. "Somebody tried to take my pee away from me and I said, 'That is mine!' So I snatched it up and took a chug and it was really gross so I don't do it anymore." What?! What do you mean you don't do it anymore!!? That's so not ... normal Ke$ha. But really, it wouldn't have surprised me if she said that actually enjoyed the taste of her own fluids by the barrel. The woman does have a bit of a urine fascination -- after all.

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