Kim K's Ex - Ray J, taunts Kanye West in New Track 'I Hit it First'

Kim K's Ex - Ray J, taunts Kanye West in New Track 'I Hit it First'


Ray J, an R&B singer who Kim Kardashian dated back in 2007, whose encounter resulted in the infamous Kardashian sex tape, is releasing a new single on April 9th, 'I Hit it First'. This supposedly takes a stab at Kanye West, who is currently dating Kim and awaiting a baby from her. TMZ was able to obtain some lyrics which allege more to the fact that the single is indeed about Kim: "She might move on to rappers and ballplayers but we all know I hit it first … But now baby chose to go West," are some of the words in the song. A TMZ source also says that the music video will feature a Kim K look alike.


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