Humiliated Ex Hooters Waitress Is Suing!

Humiliated Ex Hooters Waitress Is Suing!


Sandro Lupo's hours at Hooters were cut, therefore forcing her to quit, after she had brain surgery. Her manager told her that she had to wear a wig to cover her baldness and the scar to work, but she couldn't because the wig impaired her healing. She is suing Hooters for an unknown sum of money. Her lawyer says she was humiliated and discriminated against based on a temporary disability Americans with Disabilities Act bans. Hooters defense wants the suit to be dropped. Well as we all know Hooters is all about visual appeal, and their bussiness would be compromised when costumers see the bald headed scarred waitress. As superficial and sad as this sounds, this is the reality, and the case will probably be dismissed in federal court like some previous similar discrimination cases with Hooters.

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