Want To See Which Muscles You're Working At The Gym? Radiate Shirt Will Light The Way.

Want To See Which Muscles You're Working At The Gym? Radiate Shirt Will Light The Way.


Kenneth Crockett, the CEO of Radiate Athletics has implimented NASA's technology invented in 1960's to make a fortune. He has created a shirt that changes color as you exercise based on temperature fluctuations, through thermochromic dyes. The idea is to allow people to see which muscles they are working and how hard in order to better track their exercise progress. The company has reached it's $30,000 goal within 30 hours of posting the page in late March, and has raised more than $222,000 in funding in another two weeks. These shirts are selling great on their website, starting as low as $25, and will hit the department stores in 2014.

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