Just A Naked Chinese Dude With A Cross, Nothing Outrageous Here.

Just A Naked Chinese Dude With A Cross, Nothing Outrageous Here.


The Wingjing Streaker strikes again! A young artist Li Binyuan, who has graduated from the prestigious China Central Academy of Fine Arts is known for his outrageous streaks in the Beijing's Wangjing area. Li admitted, "I've done this about ten times." "At first, it all started because I was bored and this seemed fun," said Li. "Later, it just became something to do." He also said that when he becames stuck and frustrated with his art work, streaking helps him release that energy. Although public nudity is illegal in China, a Beijing lawyer named Liu Xiaoyuan said that since that occurred at night (and perhaps didn't disturb the peace), criminal charges are unlikely. What a fun way to vent huh guys? You go Liu!


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