FISHKINET Mary J. Blige Owes Another $3.4 Million in Unpaid Taxes to Uncle Sam

Mary J. Blige Owes Another $3.4 Million in Unpaid Taxes to Uncle Sam (3 photo)


Sublime songstress Mary J. Blige has been hit with yet another tax lien — this one totaling $3.4 million for unpaid taxes in Bergen County, N.J. Sounds like even 2013 won’t offer her a break. According to sleuths, she owes the “IRS $574.907 from 2009, $2.2 million from 2010 and $647,604 from 2011.” This on top of her charity being sued and separate liens for just over $900K in back taxes she supposedly owes the state of New Jersey. Blige was also sued by Bank of America for not paying back a $500,000 loan or the interest. What’s more, she and her husband are the defendants in another lawsuit for defaulting on a $2.2 million loan back in November of 2012. Given this mess, one of two things must be true: Either Mary J. drowned kittens in orphans tears in a past life, or she simply doesn’t know how money works.


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