Illuminated Animals, Dazzlingly Brought To Life | So Bad So Good

Illuminated Animals, Dazzlingly Brought To Life | So Bad So Good

We’re big fans of conventional street art, there will always be a place for a trusty spray-can and paint brush. But now digital projection mapping is becoming more and more commonplace, giving everyday objects a limitless new lease on life.
Take these two large sculptures of a rhinoceros & owl (a random pairing we have to admit) in Rotterdam, Holland for example. They were featured at the Rotterdamse Museumnacht as part of the Rotterdam Museum Night, whereby art is taken to the streets and outside of the gallery space. Both were created by Sober Industries and Studio Rewind, their panels uniquely mapped & made interactive by Bruce Moerdjiman.
Members of the public could then actually control the type of visuals that were then displayed on the creatures themselves, including altering the colours and toggling different effects like blending & scratching. You can see it all in motion in the video below, it’s a dazzling collision between design, physics, sculpture and colour and it’s pretty captivating to watch unfold.


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