Exclusive Preview: 'Quantum And Woody' #1

Exclusive Preview: 'Quantum And Woody' #1

Valiant has been regularly impressing us with their reboot of the entire line of books, ranging from the surprisingly touching Harbinger to the struggles with memory and honor in Bloodshot. So needless to say, they're bringing back... the world's worst superhero team, Quantum and Woody.
With James Asmus writing and Tom Fowler at the helm for art, Christopher Priest's original concept has largely stayed intact, but with a few... twists you may not expect. But the original idea is still: Quantum is a man who believes in justice, integrity, and honor, a shining beacon of a superhero. Woody, meanwhile, is an idiot.
They are, of course, friends. But even friends can squabble sometimes, and, in this exclusive preview, we get an idea of just how out of hand it gets...


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