10 GIFs That Prove Penélope Cruz Should Be Next Bond Girl

10 GIFs That Prove Penélope Cruz Should Be Next Bond Girl

This may SHOCK you, but: sometimes, producers will cast younger women to hook up with older men. It’s true. Bérénice Marlohe and Tonia Sotiropoulou, the two Bond girls in Skyfall, starring the 45-year-old Daniel Craig, are 34 and 25 years old, respectively. Very rarely has Bond shacked up with someone “age-appropriate,” which is why so many people are rejoicing the news of 39-year-old Penélope Cruz possibly starring in “Bond 24.”
We’re fine with this because — as anyone who’s seen Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Girl of Your Dreams, Blow, or any of her numerous films with Pedro Almodóvar can attest to — Penélope Cruz is a wonderful actress. She even makes bad films watchable, with the exception of Nine, because even if Nine was recast with dancing corgis, it would still be terrible. Here are 10 GIF that prove she is amazing.


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