Jennifer Lawrence Is the Hottest Mutant Ever! Blue ‘X-Men’ Body Makeup

Jennifer Lawrence Is the Hottest Mutant Ever! Blue ‘X-Men’ Body Makeup

Jennifer Lawrence was spotted on the set of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ in full mutant mode, and she’s never looked better (or bluer).

Jen is reprising her role as Mystique, and this time she’s wearing a full body suit, which only requires her to wear cobalt-colored makeup from the neck up. (After the last film, she went on record saying that the arduous latex application process actually scarred her décolletage.)
The new suit will take less time to put on and, most importantly, doesn’t hide any of her curves. (Priorities.) She also says they don’t be using any CGI on her in the film, which is good — because doing so is basically slapping God in the face.
The new ‘X-Men’ will hit theaters next summer.


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