Neil Patrick Harris' Opening Number At The Tony Awards Was Incredible

Neil Patrick Harris' Opening Number At The Tony Awards Was Incredible (2 photo + 1 video)

I saw someone complaining on Twitter the other day about Neil Patrick Harris hosting the Tony Awards again this year and my immediate response was: “Shut up.” Nobody bashes the NPH, people. Let’s just be clear about that upfront. But my much more rational and thought-out response to that complaint was: “Seriously, shut up.”
Harris has been absolutely wonderful in his previous hosting gigs at the Tony Awards and that’s why it’s ridiculous that he hasn’t been offered a giant bag full of gold to host every awards show. Seriously, would anyone be against that? If you said, “Yes” to that hypothetical question, then I implore you to watch his opening performance from tonight’s Tony Awards show at Radio City Music Hall.
Watch it right now. I’ll wait.


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