Game Of Thrones GIF Recap Season 3 Finale 'Mhysa'

Game Of Thrones GIF Recap Season 3 Finale 'Mhysa'

There was no way Game of Thrones was going to top last week’s monumentally bloody “The Rains of Castamere,” and wisely, “Mhysa” didn’t even try. Instead, we got a fairly satisfying reminder that oh yeah, this character? He’s in a bad spot. And her? You best believe things aren’t looking good for her, too. It was a finale that checked in with everyone, and without adding too much information, set up new developments on old stories, like Jaime returning home as a broken man and Dany continuing on with another army in tow. Also, family is apparently very important.
It was not Game of Thrones‘ finest hour, nor was it their weakest — it was a necessary next step after the events of Red Wedding, which has ramifications of all over Westeros, from the leech-ridden halls of Dragonstone to King’s Landing, where Joffrey is as happy about what transpired as Sansa is miserable. It was also an extremely dark episode. The show always takes, well, I’m not sure if the right word is “pleasure,” but it enjoys exploring the darkness of the world, where the terrors roam free, and “Mhysa,” despite its hopeful finale scene, was a cruel reminder that anyone who thinks they’re happy is just biding their time until they’re miserable again. Today, for the final GIF of Thrones until next year (talk about depressing things), I’ve ranked 15 or so characters by how f*cked they are in their current predicament. The lower the number, the worse things seem. Valar Morghulis.


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