The Definitive History Of Songs Of The Summer 1994-2012

The Definitive History Of Songs Of The Summer 1994-2012

"Get Lucky" is the song of the summer. It's already been proclaimed by us media elites, so deal with the fact that Daft Punk (really, Pharrell) will be the musical touchstone of the Summer of 2013.
But what has happened to past songs of the summer? I decided to go back to 1994 (pre-1994 I mostly listened to Weird Al and my dad's Jackson Browne 8-tracks) to look at the cultural impact of the songs that really captured the essence of each summer, as well as take a look at where the artist who performed each is now and inject a personal memory, Klosterman-style.
Of note, there's no mathematical formula for determining a song of the summer. Rather it's just the song that best captures the zeitgeist of the moment, as determined by yours truly. That means the song that was on MTV a lot (when I was a kid) or played in bars a lot (as an adult). Billboard ratings, friends' input, timing of the release (May-June is ideal) and my own beer-addled memory play a role but I'm the Queen of Hearts here -- the final decision is arbitrary and mine alone. However, feel free to register your displeasure in the comments.


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