Can’t Afford Google Glass? Maybe You Should Consider GooOgle Glasses

Can’t Afford Google Glass? Maybe You Should Consider GooOgle Glasses

Sure, it would be awesome to own a pair of Google Glass, but like our moms said on Christmas morning ’91 when there was no SNES under the tree, “Blah blah blah what am I made of money blah blah blah?”
This guy has the right idea buy selling knockoff GooOgle Glasses. We’re not sure if he sold any of his wares but it looks like he managed to pick up a babe with his “I’ll put in a calendar date for us to meet up — Google calendar, Tuesday with the pretty girl. It’s set in my face!” pick-up line.
The video was the brainchild of Deanna Director and JD Beebe with Ian Fidance as the man selling the glasses. His product might be slightly inferior but Google is probably jealous they didn’t think of his slogan: ”Don’t use your hands like a dummy, use your face like you’ve got a brain.”


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