'Spanking For Jesus' Illustrations Are Very Informative

'Spanking For Jesus' Illustrations Are Very Informative

“Spanking for Jesus.” Say it again, slowly: “Spanking.” “For.” “Jesus.” Lest you think that’s the name of a new metal band that only plays songs about masturbating, it’s not nearly that awesome; in fact, “Spanking for Jesus” is a terrible, terrible thing, founded by some terrible, terrible people. According to the Daily Beast:
"Chelsea and her husband Clint, who asked that I use only their first names, belong to a small subculture of religious couples who practice “Christian Domestic Discipline,” a lifestyle that calls for a wife to be completely submissive to her husband. Referred to as CDD by its followers, the practice often includes spanking and other types corporal punishments administered by husbands—and ostensibly ordained by God. While the private nature of the discipline makes it difficult to estimate the number of adherents, activity in several online forums suggests a figure in the low thousands. Devotees call CDD an alternative lifestyle and enthusiastically sing its praises; for critics, it’s nothing but domestic abuse by another name."
I recommend reading the entire thing — it brings back mankind about, oh, 500 years — including the CDD’s “Beginners Packet,” which, as Jezebel notes, “is 50 pages long…[and] also includes photographs of ideal spanking positions, as well as of spanking implements, with a list of pros and cons for each.” Such as:


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