Ashton Kutcher Still Looks Like Steve Jobs In The 'Jobs' Trailer

Ashton Kutcher Still Looks Like Steve Jobs In The 'Jobs' Trailer

The thing about Jobs is that it could be the most visually beautiful and fascinating film ever produced. It could have a screenplay written by Aaron Sorkin while sitting on William Shakespeare’s grave. It could be directed by Steven Spielberg while Francis Ford Coppola whispers advice in his ear. It could theoretically be the greatest movie ever made, so good that it convinces every filmmaker on Earth to just stop, because they will never be able to top perfection.
And none of that will really matter because I can’t look at Ashton Kutcher without making fart noises with my mouth and shouting, “DUDE!” and “SWEEEEEEET!” at my dog. But here’s the new trailer for Jobs anyway, so you can decide if it looks good or is simply Michael Kelso with a beard.


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