10 Weirdest Mario Occupations

10 Weirdest Mario Occupations

Why a list of the 10 Weirdest Mario Occupations? Wasn’t Mario just a plumber? Not always. He flew through space without a spacesuit in the Galaxy series, trained and raced Yoshis in Super Mario RPG, and used a pressure washer to eradicate graffiti and pollution in Super Mario Sunshine. But for the past few decades, it seems as if Mario cannot hold onto a steady job. From first hand accounts, being a plumber is a respectable job that makes surprisingly good wages. So why have we seen Mario partake in so many obscure jobs? Because he’s that damn good. It doesn’t matter if he shattered Bowser’s army, liberated Yoshi’s Island, or kicked giant, girl-stealing apes out of the most hazardous construction sites in existence, Mario can do it all. Today, we pay homage to the overlooked parts of Mario’s work resume as we explore the 10 Weirdest Mario Occupations. Let’sa go!


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