Now That Their Gay Friends Can Marry, Kristen Bell Proposes on Twitter

Now That Their Gay Friends Can Marry, Kristen Bell Proposes on Twitter

Thanks to the Supreme Court, it was a big day for gay rights in America today — not only can California resume marrying gay couples, the federal government must now bestow gay married couples the same list of 1000+ benefits that married straight couples get.
This means it’s also a big day for all those celebrity couples who’ve said they wouldn’t marry until their gay compatriots had the same rights they have.
First up? Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.

The couple, who’s been engaged for almost three years, told CNN in an interview last August that they do want to marry, but not until everyone has the right to do so.
Bell, who recently gave birth to a baby daughter with Shepard said, “I don’t believe in standing in the way of love, and I want to stand up for that right. If someone wants to commit their life to another person, why would I not bolster that argument?”
Shepard went so far as to say that, for them, having a wedding before marriage was a right all Americans (especially those who would be invited to theirs) enjoyed “would just be tacky.”
But with today’s new ruling, it seems that wedding bells will soon ring for the two.
Shortly after she heard the news, the ‘Veronica Mars’ star tweeted this adorable proposal.


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