10 Best Modes of Transportation in RPGs

10 Best Modes of Transportation in RPGs

Coinciding with the celebration of Father’s Day, we remember the various times in RPG history when we were first given the keys to modes of transportation that helped us in saving the world. Usually given to the player later on, vehicles were a sign of progression throughout the narrative of a role-playing game. After exploring various parts of the world, you were typically given a way of travel to help speed up the process of tying up loose ends in preparation for the final battle. A long time ago, when world maps were actually explorable and not simply a list to choose towns/destinations from, vehicles and animals were always highly anticipated as players walked around the world. Keep some Gysahl Greens handy and make sure the e-brake is disengaged, because we’re paying homage to the 10 Best Modes of Transportation in RPGs.


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