Bette Midler Sang ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ to a Dying Fan

Bette Midler Sang ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ to a Dying Fan

Legendary actress and singer Bette Midler initially met fan Anna Greenberg at a film screening, and when she heard Greenberg — who was dying of a rare form of cancer — had taken a turn for the worse, she gave her new friend a call and wound up serenading her.
Got your Kleenex ready? Because seriously, you’re gonna need it.

A family member of Anna’s video-taped the May 13 call, in which you can hear Bette on speaker phone saying, “You’re such a wonderful soul and I am so glad that I got the chance to meet you … You have enhanced my life probably as much as you say I have enhanced yours.”
At around the 4:25 mark on the video, Midler asks Anna if there’s anything she can do for her. The dying girl asks Bette to sing ‘Wind Beneath My Wings,’ to which she graciously responds, “Of course, angel.” And then the Divine Miss M does an emotional and tear-filled version of the song.
Anna died just a few days later. She was only 28.


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