'Dave Chappelle Predicted FOX News' Image Is Fake, Still Hilarious

'Dave Chappelle Predicted FOX News' Image Is Fake, Still Hilarious

An image juxtaposition entitled “Dave Chappelle predicted fox news” pairing a 2003 still from Chappelle’s Show with a Fox News still from this year was subbed to Reddit about an hour ago and is already supercharging its way through the world wide web, both on Reddit and Tumblr. Because if there’s anything that matches the internet’s love for all things Dave Chappelle it’s their disdain for all things Fox News.
Only problem is the Fox News image is a photoshop that received many a RT back in February before anyone took the time to take a close look at how crappy the fonts look. Man, we can’t even enjoy delightful Fox News image memes anymore? THANKS OBAMA.
Regardless, I don’t think it being fake really makes it less funny. Just pretend The Onion made it. And the Reddit comments also reminded me that this Chappelle does Howard Dean GIF exists and is one of the only things I think I’ll ever support a Vine for.


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