Courtney Love Gets Intimate With Fans at Gig in Port Chester, NY

Courtney Love Gets Intimate With Fans at Gig in Port Chester, NY 

Courtney Love‘s life and music career have made for quite the roller-coaster ride. And while she’s known as much for her headline-making antics as her music, there’s no denying she’s released some incredible songs over the years.
That said, there’s no telling what kind of a show you’re gonna get when Courtney Love rolls into town, and on Thursday night (June 27) at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, N.Y., fans got quite a unique Courtney Love experience. Perhaps because Love was playing at venues nearby during the same week, this particular gig was sparsely attended, creating more of a small club atmosphere to the show.
Love kicked off the show with ‘Miss World’ off Hole‘s classic ‘Live Through This’ album, and with her voice a bit strained she let the crowd sing the bulk of the chorus. While she struggled a bit vocally throughout the set, which was comprised mostly of Hole songs, she had some nice moments during ‘Honey’ and ‘Celebrity Skin.’ Love noted that it was a small crowd and attempted to touch everyone in the audience, and probably succeeded with half of that goal.
Throughout the gig, Love exchanged some banter with the a few of the concertgoers, including one guy wearing a Misfits t-shirt, whom Love assumed was just there to go along with his girlfriend. She promised him she would win him over, saying, ‘Misfits dude, I’m gonna own your testes in three minutes.’ She also apparently thought she was in Providence, R.I., greeting that city a couple of times during the show.
For the encore, Love came out sporting a white ‘Doll Parts’-like dress, and delivered her best vocals of the night on a cover of the Rolling Stones’ ‘Under My Thumb’ and the set-closing rendition of the Buffy Sainte-Marie song ‘Codine.’


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