’90210′ Reunion at a Chippendales Show

’90210′ Reunion at a Chippendales Show

Making good on their promise to see co-star Ian Ziering’s turn as a Chippendales dancer, Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth arrived in Las Vegas for a ‘Beverly Hills 90210′ reunion of awesome on Sunday (June 30).
Also: shirtlessness.

“Chippendales is a very interactive show and we managed to surprise them both by including them on stage in a few production numbers,” Ziering revealed to People. “I was very flattered by their comments. And judging by their reaction, I know they had a great time.”
“We’ve always been very supportive of each others’ endeavors, and when they heard what I was up to, they wanted to come support. The fact that this new gig is Chippendales made it all the more easy to get them out to the Vegas,” Ziering added.
We’re glad Doherty and Garth have put their long-standing feud behind them. As you’ll see in one of the photos below, they were even seatmates on the Vegas-bound plane. (Maybe Doherty finally realized that feuding and being sent packing from Aaron Spelling dramas is just in her DNA.)
Check out more photos of the reunited (and it feels so good) castmates below, including at least one reason why Ziering’s turn with the all-male revue was extended through July 14.


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