Miley Cyrus Thinks She Was Lil Kim In Another Life

Miley Cyrus Thinks She Was Lil Kim In Another Life

Miley Cyrus recently sat down for an interview with to discuss, among other things, her musical inspirations, and she named the five female singers who have had the greatest impact on her. For starters, she mentioned her godmother Dolly Parton as being the influence of her childhood, and followed that up with Joan Jett, because she “represented a time when females weren’t supposed to come out and kick ass” and that’s a pretty solid 1-2 punch.
Her third choice, however, was a bit more intriguing, as she said that it’s Lil Kim because “She just is” and then it got a little confusing.

“In my past life, I feel like that was me, like Lil Kim is who I am, like, on the inside, and she just makes me happy listening to her music, and she is, like – I just love her.”
I don’t know if that means that Miley thinks that Lil Kim is dead and she was Lil Kim before she died, or if she means that in her past life, she was someone like Lil Kim. I think it’s the latter. And does she mean that she’s Lil Kim pre-plastic surgery or Lil Kim after plastic surgery, because there’s a pretty big difference these days.


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