NEWS: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi Has Been Removed From Office

NEWS: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi Has Been Removed From Office

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi previously had one claim to fame – he was the country’s first president elected through a democratic process. As of this afternoon, he now has another nail to hang his hat on – he was Egypt’s first democratically-elected president to be ousted from office. In a television address earlier today, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi declared that Morsi is no longer in charge of the country, as he has been effectively overthrown in the wake of the incredible protests that have filled the streets of Cairo for the past several days.
The announcement by the army follows the ultimatum that it issued to Morsi to either reach an agreement with the demands of the millions of people calling for his resignation or be removed from office. Despite the pressure from the protesting party, the Tamarod, Morsi remained steadfast that he was the elected leader of Egypt. Today, “was” is the key word.

Morsi is now in hiding as the protesters and his opposition celebrate their victory, while Egypt’s government will be controlled by the head of the constitutional court until new elections can be held, according to Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi, a commentator on Arab affairs, whose Twitter feed has served as a good source of both the news and emotions coming from Cairo today.


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