Rihanna Got Drunk Enough to Get Booted From a Music Festival [VIDEO]

Rihanna Got Drunk Enough to Get Booted From a Music Festival [VIDEO]

What happens when you’re the most famous singer on the planet and you get wasted at a music festival?
The same thing that happens to the rest of us: You get kicked out. Rihanna learned that the hard way this weekend.
Rihanna was escorted, along with two hangers-on, away from the Open’er Festival in Poland to wild applause. Security tried carrying the three ladies out upright, but failed, which could mean a few things:
One, they actually didn’t drink much and just have a very low tolerance, especially in heat and sun (doubtful). Two, Rihanna takes her own tracks like ‘Pour It Up’ and ‘Cheers (I’ll Drink to That)’ to heart, even when she doesn’t write much for them. Or three, the most likely scenario: The Wanted need to do more research on their own song subjects.
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