The 10 Definitive Chubby Chris Pratt As Andy Dwyer GIFs

The 10 Definitive Chubby Chris Pratt As Andy Dwyer GIFs

Chris Pratt revealing the new Guardians of the Galaxy version of himself over the weekend has me contemplating the future physical appearance of everyone's favorite lovable oaf going into the next season of Parks and Recreation. Not only because I'm fascinated by man meat transformations, but also because he got all fit for Zero Dark Thirty not long ago only to immediately get extra chubby for another role right after. Hence why Andy Dwyer Season 5 was at peak chubbiness.
Could it happen again? Or will Schur & Co. have to write in a storyline where running becomes much more possible. Chris Pratt: Physical enigma. So as a precautionary measure here's a collection of definitive chubby Andy Dwyer GIFs. You know, for the sake of posterity. Disclaimer: this collection is in no way definitive.
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