Video: Chael Sonnen’s New Contract Demands Are Hilarious And Possibly

Video: Chael Sonnen’s New Contract Demands Are Hilarious And Possibly

The UFC’s greatest boastful personality Chael Sonnen spoke to fans during a Q&A session at the UFC Fan Expo this past weekend in Las Vegas, and he continued to prove why he needs to host a charisma seminar for all new fighters every year, so they don’t all have the personalities of notebook paper. Seriously, if we could bottle the 36-year old’s attitude and ability to speak confidently in public, and inject it into all of the younger fighters, the future of the promotion would be secure for at least 20 years.
As a fan asked Sonnen if he’s a prankster behind the scenes, it was pretty clear that the light heavyweight was just waiting for an opportunity to mention that his contract is up so he could unleash his hilarious contract demands that he jokingly claimed to have texted to UFC President Dana White. And I’m glad that he dodged the question and did his own thing, because it was well worth it.
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