Amy Schumer Recalls Performing At A Hunger Strike For Terrorist Group

Amy Schumer Recalls Performing At A Hunger Strike For Terrorist Group (1 photo + 1 video)


Amy Schumer has been making the rounds to basically do the robot over the fact she had a successful first season of her show and tell everyone it’s on Hulu Plus now. And while her show is pretty funny, I’m a little conflicted about her. Whenever I think about Schumer, I think about the jokes she made about Patrice O’Neal’s diabetes during the Charlie Sheen Roast. Of course, that diabetes later killed him. Now, I don’t want to sound like I’m angry at her for making the jokes since it’s a roast and it’s fair game. But the train of thought just reminds me that Patrice O’Neal is gone and it makes me sad. It’s totally random and I can’t quite get over it. Sorry, Amy. Anyway, she was on Leno and they talked shop about crappy comedy gigs in their past. One of the stories involved performing at a hunger strike…for a terrorist organization. Take a look.


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