The Oldest Sharpshooter In The World!

The Oldest Sharpshooter In The World!


Chandro Tomar is a 78 year old Indian grandmother, who is believed to be the world's oldest pro sharpshooter. This incredible woman raised six children and fifteen grandchildren, while participating in and winning 25 national championships across India. "As soon as I shot my first pistol I was hooked. And now I’ve shown everyone there’s no disadvantages to my age. If you’re focused you can do anything", said Chandro. She often attends a local firing range where she's never short of spectators. The club’s coach, Farooq Pathan, who set up the shooting club in 1998 with a couple of friends, said: "She was so good some of the men stopped turning up altogether to avoid being humiliated by her, a old woman. She has the ultimate skill, a steady hand and a sharp eye." This super granny is still competing and winning gold at the Veteran Shooting Championship held in Chennai. You go girl!


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