10 Great Bands That Haven't Been On 'Rolling Stone' Cover

10 Great Bands That Haven't Been On 'Rolling Stone' Cover

"F*ck them."
Those were Louis C.K.'s accurately bitter words to describe his feelings for Rolling Stone, which recently put the Like-SO-Cute-Boston Bomber-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named on its once-hallowed cover. It's easy and fun to bash Rolling Stone — like anything that was once counterculture (Captain Beefheart was on the cover in 1970, for Christ's sake), it eventually becomes culture, and with that, comes the "sell out, not what it used to be" accusations. (See also: The Simpsons.) But they're not exactly makings things easy for themselves, not when Justin Bieber and The Voice hosts stare back at you when you open your mailbox.
In honor of C.K.'s comments, let's take a look back at other "f*ck them" Rolling Stone moments, specifically: 10 great bands (and only bands) that have should have graced the magazine's cover, but never did, along with the lesser artists who were put on the cover the same year the deserving group released an amazing album. That Spin Doctors photo only gets better and better
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