Aubrey Plaza Explains Her Recent Masturbation Scene

Aubrey Plaza Explains Her Recent Masturbation Scene

When Aubrey Plaza started at Parks and Recreation, she was a pretty regular-looking woman with a deadpan delivery. She was funny, but I don’t remember many people swooning over her (UPDATE: New Aubrey Plaza GQ spread and trolling interview). It’s amazing how a little time changes things.

Now, Plaza is a certified sex symbol. Maybe she’s the leading symbol of how “regular-looking women” are becoming more popular for men. Who knows. I just know I personally love her. And when she talks about a masturbation scene from her upcoming movie, The To-Do List, people listen.
Dear brilliant movie execs, save all of your money on preview clips and trailers. Just play this clip and go sell some damn tickets. While you’re at it, get Conan a Pulitzer for asking these important questions.
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