Fox News Drew A Hitler Mustache On Latest Rolling Stone Cover

Fox News Drew A Hitler Mustache On Latest Rolling Stone Cover

Much has been made about the new Rolling Stone cover featuring Dzhokhar Tsarnaev looking like a badass rock star. Some people think it’s just a cheap ploy to sell magazines and others think there’s some real journalistic merit to putting him on the cover.

Well, Fox News is definitely in the former category. Thursday night on The Five, Greg Gutfeld — who somehow still gets to rant on national television — had some choice words about the cover. He actually made some good points by talking about the article itself being more of a glorification piece than anything really in-depth.
Then, of course, Gutfeld took it a step farther by drawing a Hitler mustache and devil horns on the cover. Sigh. In the battle between Fox News and Rolling Stone, it’s pretty clear that we will all end up losing in the end.
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