'Operation Last Chance' Wants These 10 Still Alive Nazis

'Operation Last Chance' Wants These 10 Still Alive Nazis

Nazis are more than just people who care way too much about grammar — they’re also real, live humans who once did terrible, terrible things. For more information, consult your local Hogan’s Heroes rerun. Once you’re back, you’ll be in the mood for some NAZI HUNTING, which is exactly what the Simon Wiesenthal Centre wants.

Some 2,000 posters popped up yesterday in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne, offering a €25,000 [or $33,190] reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of Nazi war criminals. It marks the latest push by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre to locate as-yet unconvicted Third Reich war criminals.
The impetus for the campaign, dubbed “Operation Last Chance”, was the Munich trial of former SS guard John Demjanjuk for war crimes at the Sobibor camp in occupied Poland. Though he died last year before his conviction was finalised, it marked a watershed in Nazi trials.
In previous decades, German authorities had refused to open an investigation without concrete proof of a specific Nazi-era crime – often a difficult task given the regime’s industrial killing machine. But now German authorities have indicated a willingness to lower the legal hurdle to prosecutions, thus expanding the pool – if diluting the seniority – of potential Third Reich perpetrators still at large. (Via)
Here are their 10 most wanted Nazis.
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