Drunk Amy Poehler Explained Billy Joel's Whole Career

Drunk Amy Poehler Explained Billy Joel's Whole Career

I take back all the mean stuff I’ve said about you, NBC, especially about your game and reality shows. All of your misdeeds have been forgiven, after a delightfully drunk Amy Poehler went on Hollywood Game Night and proceeded to explain the existence of Billy Joel. And curl Maya Rudolph’s hair. And playfully flirt with Jane Lynch.
But back to Joel, he of the world’s greatest photo. I guess there’s a game on Hollywood called “How Do You Doo?” (painfully, thank you), in which contestants have to substitute the lyrics of songs with the non-word “doo.” Rudolph, as well as Jason Sudeikis and Sean Hayes, were pros, the kind of players you’d want on your charades team. Poehler, though, you’d still want her on your team, but only to make yourself look better (except literally).
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