Justin Bieber Was Photographed Spitting On His Fans

Justin Bieber Was Photographed Spitting On His Fans

Another day, another item in the Justin Bieber bag of douche.
The 19-year-old tween idol was caught on camera hawking a mouthful of saliva over a hotel balcony in Toronto Thursday – as a throng of Beliebers were gathered outside to catch a glimpse of their hero.
The pictures show an unidentified friend of the Biebs laughing at the crude prank.
The ill-advised loogie comes less than two weeks after an Ohio DJ charged Bieber with spitting on him at a Columbus night club. And in March, Bieber’s Calabases, CA, neighbor claimed the pop star spit on him during an argument stemming from complaints about Bieber’s reckless driving in the gated community.
Aw, like any Canadian pop star, he’s going through his “gobbing” phase. Next up: a trip to Hot Topic.
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