Dead Princess Peach Fan Art Is A Thing That Exists

Dead Princess Peach Fan Art Is A Thing That Exists

If you're like me, you've been killed by a Spiny on level 4 of Super Mario Bros. and thought, "f**k rescuing the Princess, I hope she dies and all the good and bad characters in this universe have to gather together to mourn her." If so, perhaps you're primed to enjoy DEAD PRINCESS PEACH FAN ART.
It's probably passé to pull the "this is weird" card on the Internet in 2013, but the above piece from DeviantArt user WiL-Woods blew up on Reddit today and sent me down a rabbit hole of alternately well-drawn and farted-out-with-MS-paint pieces about Princess Peach being murdered and/or mourned several years after her passing. It probably says something horrible about gamers' opinions of women and the culture that created the Dead Island bloody boobs statue, but WHO KNOWS? It is impossible to tell.
I've collected a few of my favorites after the jump. Word of advice to anybody who wants to see Peach die: just don't play Mario games. If Mario doesn't save her, she dies, right? That's Bowser's end game, isn't it? Problem solved, and you didn't have to spend all week drawing a fictional lady's guts.
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