MUSIC NEWS! Drake Brings Kanye West On Stage At OVO Fest

MUSIC NEWS! Drake Brings Kanye West On Stage At OVO Fest

Drake and Kanye West have had a pretty cold relationship over the last few years…bordering on an under-the-radar feud. Part of the reason is their massive egos, but the two rappers just couldn’t seem to get on the same page. They’d throw shots at each other (Kanye accusing Drake’s producer of jocking his styles) or passive aggressive little one-ups (Drake being seen hanging out with Amber Rose), but it now seems to be over.

As part of Drake’s massive OVO Fest show in Canada, he brought out everyone from TLC to Diddy and Mase. But the biggest surprise came when Kanye West came out and performed “New Slaves.”
Then the bromance went into full effect with each rapper praising the other to the extreme. Kanye said he and Jay DASH Z wouldn’t have made Watch The Throne if not for Drake’s music putting pressure on them to make a classic. Then Drake said he only raps because Kanye inspired him.
If you’re looking for videos, our guy Nigel over at Real Talk NY will have them up shortly since he was in attendance.
All in all, it looks like OVO Fest is the rap show to be at from now on. Who saw that coming?
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