Tito Ortiz Showed Up On Last Night's Impact Wrestling

Tito Ortiz Showed Up On Last Night's Impact Wrestling

If there are two thing TNA Impact Wrestling loves, they’re:
1. Unnecessary mysteries
2. Past-their-expiration-date MMA guys
Yesterday it was announced that UFC legend Tito Ortiz would be coming out of retirement to face Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at Bellator’s first pay-per-view event. Bellator’s TV show is “sister shows” with pro wrestling also-ran Impact Wrestling. When Rampage signed with Bellator he was on Impact within the week, so it makes sense that Tito would be announced for a fight and also show up there. Thank goodness Impact had just begun running a story about a mysterious bald man threatening to beat up wrestlers from the shadows!
Yes, the August 1 Warnings mystery man who’d been threatening the wrestling organization for weeks turned out to be Tito Ortiz, and if the crowd reaction to Ortiz’s appearance is any indication, it was well worth the money. And by “well worth the money” I mean “thank goodness they fired the pregnant lady and all the injured wrestlers to make cap room for an old MMA guy who hasn’t fought since 2011 and only won one out of his last nine fights.” Awkward and embarrassing all around.
Here’s the clip.
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