11-Year-Old Boy Raises $16,000 for Tornado Victims Mowing Lawns

11-Year-Old Boy Raises $16,000 for Tornado Victims Mowing Lawns

Dyllon Orthman cut a lot of green to raise a lot of green.

The 11-year-old Dalhart, Texas boy cut lawns to raise $16,000 for victims of this year’s tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.
Dyllon cut almost 90 lawns in a two-month period and said “If a little boy can help, then anyone can help.”
The money was given to the Hudson family, whose home was ruined in the tornado.
Ursula Hudson lived in the house with her six kids and says she’s blown away by what Dyllon accomplished, adding, “How does one little boy accomplish so much and contact so many people? How does he grow such an amount for us, when he didn’t even know us to begin with?”
Proof that heroes come in many sizes.
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