An Illegal Mountain Retreat On A 26 Story Apartment Block Built By A Beijing Professor.

An Illegal Mountain Retreat On A 26 Story Apartment Block Built By A Beijing Professor.


A 26 story residential building in Beijing, China has a new bizarre construction. There's a mountain on the roof around one man's attic apartment. How did this happen you wonder? A doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Professor Zhang Biqing built it over a period of 6 years by carrying rocks and other material to construct a mountain around his home. He then added some balconies and landscaping to create his own retreat. All of that was done illegally and without consulting with the rest of the building residents, so after complaints of cracking walls, the eccentric owner was issued a 15 day notice to remove his 800 square meter creation. "I used to worry that the house might be too much but I never expected this much attention," Zhang is reported to have told The Beijing News. Oh of course not, it totally blends in with the rest of the mountain top buildings.


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